Quantum Leap in Power Trading

Time: 11:00 - 11:25

Date: 2024-04-11


This session delves into the transformative potential of quantum computing in the power sector. As the energy market becomes increasingly complex and data-driven, quantum computing emerges as a pivotal technology, offering new avenues for optimizing trade settlements between buyers and sellers. The integration of quantum computing promises to revolutionize market operations, enhance pricing models, and introduce more efficient and secure transaction processes.

  • How quantum computing can contribute to more accurate and dynamic pricing in power trading, benefiting both buyers and sellers
  • The role quantum computing could play in improving the forecasting accuracy for power demand and supply
  • Real-time data processing in power markets – how quantum computing’s ability to process large volumes of data in real-time can lead to more informed and timely trading decisions
  • How does the enhanced computational power of quantum computers aid in assessing and managing market and operational risks in power trading?
  • SCan quantum computing streamline the trade settlement process in the power sector, reducing the time gap between trade execution and settlement?


  • Rima Oueid Senior Commercialization Executive - U.S. Department of Energy

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