Daniel Seif Speaker at Renewable Energy Revenues Summit USA

Daniel Seif

Owner Seif Consulting, LLC

Dan is the owner of Seif Consulting, LLC, a provider of clean energy advisory services, focusing on power market analysis, power sales (“origination”), project development, and project and corporate fundraising.   Dan has primarily served as a consultant since 2012, including leading the solar research and consulting program at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), where he launched the Business Renewables Center (“BRC”), the primary precursor entity to CEBA (“Clean Energy Buyer’s Association”) and RMI’s “Economic of…” report series, including the Economics of Grid Defection and Economics of Load Defection.  In the intervening years, Dan was also Vice President of Market Development at 7x Energy, and Co-Founder of Industrial Sun, where with both companies he led deployment of industrial, off-site but still retail-netting, solar projects, including the nation’s largest, the 187 MWdc Peacock project in Texas serving an $8B chemical facility, which has completed construction and will be on-line this May.  Dan began his career in renewable energy as an investment associate at the private equity firm US Renewables Group.  Dan holds an MPA from Harvard, as well as engineering degrees from the University of Virginia (BS) and University of Arizona (MS).

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