Daniela Shapiro Speaker at Renewable Energy Revenues Summit USA

Daniela Shapiro

Senior Managing Director HASI

Daniela Shapiro is a senior managing director of HASI (NYSE: HASI), a leading investor in climate solutions. She joined HASI in 2022 and is responsible for growing the company’s investments in behind-the-meter opportunities and expanding solutions for broader onsite and as-a-service offerings.

Daniela has over 20 years of energy industry experience. Prior to joining HASI, she was the CFO for Guzman Energy and held various other executive positions, including at SoCore/ ENGIE in most recent years. Prior to her corporate executive roles, she enjoyed a 10-year banking career, deploying capital in energy and infrastructure assets, including tax equity investments in renewable energy projects.

Daniela received her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from UNIFEI in Brazil, and her MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

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