Maeven Rogers Speaker at Renewable Energy Revenues Summit USA

Maeven Rogers

Chief Sustainability & Resiliency Officer City of Palm Coast

Maeven Rogers is a dedicated sustainability & resiliency professional who has worked alongside the City of Orlando, Orange County Government, & the City of Palm Coast to develop impactful policies, projects, and programs that prioritize the wellbeing of both people and the environment at the local level.

Drawing from her extensive experience in sustainability and resiliency initiatives, Maeven has played a pivotal role in enhancing and strengthening these local programs. Her innovative solutions seamlessly integrate environmental stewardship with community well-being, laying the foundation for a more sustainable and resilient future for cities and their residents.

In response to the growing interest in solar energy and its increasing affordability, Maeven is actively involved in creating pathways to assist residents and boost workforce development in the local economy.

Now, serving as the City of Palm Coast’s first Chief Sustainability & Resiliency Officer, Maeven’s work is characterized by its multidisciplinary approach and adaptability to varying needs. Her focus spans stakeholder engagement, resource development and allocation, climate literacy, electrification, water management, renewable energy, extreme weather preparedness, and policy formulation.

Maeven Rogers holds a Master’s degree from the University of Central Florida, where her research explored the intersection of communication and climate, group dynamics, messaging strategies, and a focus on collaborative efforts. With a deep sense of pride in her work, Maeven remains committed to building a community that prioritizes the well-being of its residents and the natural world because we are stronger together.

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