Putting a Price on Clean(er) Power

Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Date: 2024-04-11


Unpicking the true value of clean energy, which not only encompasses environmental benefits but also extends to socio-economic impact on communities, especially those with Low to Moderate Income (LMI). As renewable energy projects vary in their level of cleanliness and in the ways they are affected by market dynamics, we aim to unpack the intricacies of clean energy valuation in current volatile markets. The session will also highlight how renewable initiatives can drive not just ecological sustainability but also foster social equity and community development.

  • Strategic offtake agreements: which are the most effective for securing economically viable clean power, while also delivering community benefits?
  • What offtake agreements are most suited for acquiring clean power at a great price?
  • How do you differentiate between specific solar or wind projects that provide clean power?
  • Does the price paid for clean power truly reflect the price of carbon?



  • Beth Garza Senior Fellow, Energy - R Street Institute
  • Austin deButts Vice President of Origination - Sun Tribe Development

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