The Challenge of Meeting a 100% Renewable Energy Target

Time: 10:10 - 10:55

Date: 2024-04-10


This session will address the challenges and opportunities of meeting a 100% renewable energy target as an energy buyer. From electrons to molecules, solar and storage to green hydrogen, we will look at the pathways large energy buyers can take to cover their energy needs.

  • Criteria for evaluating potential renewable energy projects and partners
  • Developing in-house expertise in renewable energy procurement
  • How are buyers prioritizing different technologies?
  • Procurement across state lines and the rise of the vPPA – what challenges does this pose to a buyer?
  • What impact has IRA had on energy buyers?
  • Balancing supply with demand, especially during periods of low renewable generation


  • Matthew Boms Executive Director - Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance (TAEBA)


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