Dan DeSnyder Speaker at Renewable Energy Revenues Summit USA

Dan DeSnyder

Vice President, Capital Markets Sunnova Energy International Inc.

Dan DeSnyder has 26 yrs of energy industry experience. He started his career in the US Central Intelligence Agency, where he was awarded two Exceptional Performance Awards from President Clinton for his work on energy security policy. He later held a series of increasingly senior roles at Shell and, subsequently, at Standard Chartered Bank. Since 2019, he has been a VP at Sunnova Energy, the second largest residential solar provider in the US. At Sunnova, Dan and his team have executed 15 Asset Backed Securitizations totaling $3.7 billion, structured over 20 tax equity financings, restructured the company’s warehouse facilities to realize $2.2 billion in revolving liquidity, and delivered high yield, equity, and convertible financings totaling >$2.5 bn. In October 2023, Sunnova announced the closing of the company’s landmark, $3.3 billion financing with the Dept of Energy, which Dan conceived, structured, and executed on behalf of Sunnova.

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