Harnessing the Role of Energy Storage in Price Volatile Markets

Time: 12:10 - 13:00

Date: 2024-04-11


Energy storage can create new revenue streams for asset owners and can time-shift the amount of power dispatched creating more dilemmas for counterparties in volatile markets. This panel unpacks this topic by covering: 

  • The value of storage in PPA negotiations
  • The potential of storage to optimize revenues for generators in price volatile markets.
  • Using storage as a physical hedging tool to reduce uncertainty in renewable energy trading, procurement and offtake rather than using financial hedging tools.



  • Marc-Alain Behar VP Utility-Scale Solar - Nexamp
  • Dan DeSnyder Vice President, Capital Markets - Sunnova Energy International Inc.
  • Kolin Loveless Director of Development, Energy Storage Systems - Novis Renewables
  • Michael Enger Director, Energy & Market Operations - Austin Energy

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