Casey Keller Speaker at Renewable Energy Revenues Summit USA

Casey Keller

Founding Partner Caerus Commodities

Casey is a founding partner at Caerus Commodities, where she runs the development, assets, and EMA business.  She began her career in power trading at Fulcrum Power, later transitioning into portfolio management at Engie for the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian power fleets, where she helped develop, construct, structure, and operate wind, solar, biomass, thermal assets.  She later helped found a new business unit in LNG at Engie.  From there, Casey went to Sumitomo Corporation, a Japanese tradinghouse, where she helped lead the Renewables Division in the Infrastructure Group, focusing on development, operations, origination, strategy, and M+A. In 2018, she started Virescent LLC as a company that does directed development and lends its expertise to a number of developers, investors, and other industry participants across biofuels, renewables, storage, LNG, thermal, and bitcoin.  Virescent became a part of Caerus Commodities where Casey enjoys developing projects for acquisition by other companies, optimizing assets, and providing contract origination/offtake solutions and matching third party projects to equity via the Caerus Marketplace platform.

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